La Tunisie



Welcome to a country where you will fill up with blue sky and sun
Official languages : Arabic and French
Capital city : Tunis
Form of State : Republic
Area : 163 610 km2
Change : Tunisian dinar
Time zone : UTC +1
Telephone code : +216

To travel to Tunisia, the passport is mandatory for those coming from France, Benelux, Canada or Switzerland (exception: Europeans with a CIN and a voucher).

Is there a visa for Tunisia : no ( )(
Flight time from Paris to Tunis : 2 hours 30 minutes
Airport of Tunis - Carthage


Fine and white sand, clear water, sea of oil in summer ... One of the best assets of Tunisia is the beauty of its beaches. All along the coast, splendid hotels, recent or renovated, spacious and well maintained, welcome holidaymakers, next to a variety of clubs, from the simplest to the most luxurious. Their Tunisian charm inspired by their environment, their flowery gardens, their welcoming and well-equipped rooms make them pleasant places to stay.

Tunisia is par excellence a link between Europe and Africa, between East and West. Marked very early by the imprint of the greatest civilizations, it was the center of the Carthage empire, some of whose popular traditions perpetuate the distant legacy.

Why Tunisia

Tunisia is currently recognized as a health destination par excellence, given the quality of care provided there, especially in cosmetic surgery, the reliability of its health structures, and its proximity to Europe.

The prices of cosmetic surgery in Tunisia are half as high as in Europe. This is explained by a cheaper standard of living in Tunisia, the euro is worth more than 3 times the Tunisian dinar, hence a very interesting exchange rate and the government encourages the sector of aesthetic surgery in Tunisia by granting fiscal advantages.


Je recommande vivement mon augmentation mammaire est très réussite, le chirurgien est professionnel ainsi que tout le staff, je vous remercie pour cette expérience extraordinaire.

Yasmine Lugas

Top !!! jetais à l’aise du début jusqu’à la fin, tout est parfait… bonne continuation (y)

Sandra Surreira

j aimerai remercier meditrip , pour cette belle experience .mon sejour s’est tres bien passé , mon chirurgien etait très attentionné et très professionnel ainsi que toute l équipe médicale.

Olivia martinez