Dr Bilel Guiga


Maxillo-facial, Facial Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon
Dr Bilel Guiga

Diploma certificates

I was student in medecine in the Medical School of Tunis, the most prestigious medical school in Tunisia.

I was resident at the University Hospital Charles Nicolles (Tunis) for 2 years and at The University Hospital of Sahloul also for 2 years (Tunis).

I was also resident at the University Hospital of Nantes with Pr Pierre CORRE, Dr Julien GUIOL, Dr Jean François TULASNE and Dr Jean Claud TALMANT and they are considered to be the most talented and experienced facial plastic and orthognathic surgeons in the France today.


5 Years of intensive training in Maxillo-Facial, Plastic and Aesthetic surgery
Graduated as a Maxillo-Facial, Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeon in December 2018

Scientefic societies

Member of

European Association for Cranio Maxillo Facial Surgery ; member for 2016 and 2018

Tunisian society of maxillo-facial and oral surgery : member since 2014

Tunisia society of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery : member since 2015

Tunisian society of Aesthetic Surgery : member since 2015

Membre de the European Plastic Surgery Research Council ; member for 2015

What i do

Maxillo-facial and oral surgery

Facial reconstitution after traumatic or burn wound

Maxillo-facial cancer surgery


Face lift and rejuvenation

Lip and palate Cleft management


Orthognatic surgery

Sliding genioplasty

Bone graft and implantology

Mandibular reconstitution by fibular free flap

Aesthetic surgery


Abdominoplasty (Tummy tuck)

Breast augmentation

Brachioplasty and thigh lift