The tests are required by the surgeon, thanks to which you can have your intervention safely.


he form completed by your attending physician will help the surgeon to have an idea about your medical history, your allergies and health condition.


It is necessary to stop smoking one month before the intervention for a better cicatrization.


You benefit from a remote consultation by sending clear and visible photos from front, profile and back if necessary of the area concerned by the intervention.

Wearing of compression garment

Some procedures require the wearing of a compression garment for a period specified by the surgeon (these clothes will be provided for free the first time).

One or more interventions

It is possible to undergo several procedures at once, with the permission of your surgeon and if your analyzes allow it.


Our agency offers you the possibility to have an adult or child guide of your choice, without you paying extra costs (except airline ticket).

Official language

The official language of Tunisia is Arabic, but also it is a French speaking country, so its second language is French.

Our counselors, assistants, surgeons speak the French language perfectly.

Declaration of money

La déclaration de l’argent (somme de l’intervention) se fait dans un guichet indiqué après la récupération de vos bagages.


If you are French or European, you do not need a VISA to travel to Tunisia. For others, consult the consulate of Tunisia closest to your home.

Currencies used

La Monnaie utilisée est le Dinar Tunisien.

We also accept payment in euros and dollars.

Je recommande vivement mon augmentation mammaire est très réussite, le chirurgien est professionnel ainsi que tout le staff, je vous remercie pour cette expérience extraordinaire.

Yasmine Lugas

Top !!! jetais à l’aise du début jusqu’à la fin, tout est parfait… bonne continuation (y)

Sandra Surreira

j aimerai remercier meditrip , pour cette belle experience .mon sejour s’est tres bien passé , mon chirurgien etait très attentionné et très professionnel ainsi que toute l équipe médicale.

Olivia martinez